Being at the Top of Google Doesn’t Always Mean You’re Good Enough

Being at the Top of Google Doesn’t Always Mean You’re Good Enough


What’s it All About, Web Design and Traffic?

How Knutsford Businesses Can Learn to Create New Sales Opportunities


Let’s face it, and be honest here, how many times (countless times!) have you clicked on the top ranked page on a Google search result in Knutsford and it hasn’t been quite what you were looking for, or at least, not presented well? You see, it’s really quite simple, getting to the top of Google takes skill and perseverance, but if you want to convert that rare website visitor into a sale (or whatever your goal is), then that page has to be written and laid out JUST RIGHT. Website design is key. If it hasn’t been set up for the Sales Process, then you are wasting everyone’s time getting to the top of Google. Plain and simple. Here, we discuss what comes after the traffic starts to hits your beloved website.

The Sales Funnel

Here at CreativeOpolis website design Knutsford, we focus on Sales and Marketing all the time and have done since our inception, but are you? You may think you are in the physical world, such as, your office, shop, telesales, outside sales etc., but what about the online world? You may have a Sales Process for the aforementioned, but does your website have a series of funnels to draw in your new, potential customer?

The whole point to a company website is to draw attention to a brand and then create sales, both new and repeat. Humans like to be told what to do because, generally, they can’t think for themselves when it comes to websites (that’s because they are all of a different design; both humans AND websites!), so if you can point them in the right direction, it will save them having to do it, and who hates having to hunt down where to go next..?!

If it’s not blatantly obvious what to do next, people will bounce from your website and, once they’re gone, well, they’re gone for good! Again, plain and simple.

Old Funnel v The New Sales Funnel

As you can see from the below Sales Funnel graphic, creating a sale through the traditional method isn’t quite as simple as it used to be. Companies are utilising various online methods in attracting new traffic to their website, which means that the competition (YOU!) must also do it… or else!

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Tell Them What To Do Next..!

How many websites have you visited had links to the next phase in the Sales Process and you didn’t even realise it?

Does “CLICK HERE” sound familiar? Bingo!

  1. Attract them to your webpage (ideally, from the top of Google search engine results pages; SERPs)
  2. Give them what they searched for on Google (or they won’t come back!)
  3. Make it easy for them (don’t over-complicate matters)
  4. Tell them what to do next (step one)
  5. Give them more information
  6. Tell them what to do next (step two)
  7. Create the sale or the signing up to a newsletter etc.

Don’t have too many steps and ALWAYS create the “feel good factor” for your customer that a sale ONLY takes a minute or two to complete! The more drawn out the sales process is, the less likely they will want to return. Again, don’t over-complicate things; keep it simple… and sexy!

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Sales is Just Like Sports!

So, without your website being set up for a sales funnel, what use is it going to be to anyone if you’re at the top of Google but it fails to convert the visitor into a new customer? Once someone lands on the page you have worked so hard for to be at the top of Google, it has to then fit in with what the next webpage is all about; it’s a Sales Process, and whether you have three pages or thirty three pages (doubtful!), each of them has to draw the customer closer to the sale (or your intended goal), they all have to work together AS A TEAM. Those who aren’t fond of teamwork lose out…

There’s really no point in having, say, two excellent pages but the final page is useless. It’s much like a brilliant football team without a great striker at the front to score that goal! Each page, like individual players in a sports team, will play a vital role in creating a new sale on your website, and SOMEONE has to be the Manager. That can be Creativeopolis…

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