We’re a Digital Design Agency in Knutsford, Cheshire

Since 1994, Knutsford-based CreativeOpolis has been helping to increase client sales growth by offering:

  • Website Design & UX / UI Development
  • SEO (search engine optimisation) – “Get to the Top of Google” specialists
  • Advert Design – print (newspapers & magazines) & online advertising
  • Brand Strategy / Marketing Plan – long-term road map
  • Social Media Management – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.
  • Innovative Online Marketing Solutions
  • Graphic Design – logo design, leaflets, business cards, newsletters, posters etc.
  • Creative Writing – blogs, articles, (anonymous) ghostwriting etc.
  • Secure UK-based Website Hosting Facility, including, private email addresses & Webmail

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Starting a business or needing a rebrand?

We can help. Your brand strategy will reinforce your positioning in the market, and our Knutsford-based team will formulate, create and co-ordinate your marketing plan – you need such a plan for your advertising and marketing efforts to suit your long-term goals so to help increase sales. All successful companies use a ‘road map’.

You can’t waste your money and drive blind, and that is why brand management is important to the future success of a business.

Either way, the marriage between both our website design and social media teams can remedy that, for we offer the complete range of online marketing solutions; all from our location in Knutsford. And combined with our graphic design team, we create a winning formula in boosting both an online and offline presence whilst complimenting our client’s sales and marketing efforts.

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Brand Strategy

Don’t design something just for the sake of it; you need a plan and a reason. CreativeOpolis can help design a ‘brand strategy’ for the future growth of your company, but do you even have a brand strategy and understand the direction of where you are actually heading with your online marketing and offline advertising? Your brand is also important in real life and beyond what’s online, right? We can help.

Branding is not a short-term solution to your long-term goals; they are important for your brand’s development because it affects various aspects of a business and are linked to consumer emotions, their demands and competitor activity.

Trying to reach a new audience?

Why are you creating a new brand? What do you look to achieve by launching the new design? For example, are you trying to reach a new audience? Using long-term objectives provides the basis for all strategic branding efforts, of which we can offer solutions.

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Google Strategy

Your website needs to be found on the front page of search engines, which means jostling for position amongst the best ranking sites. But fear not, we can help you get to the top of Google.

Keep your site active; never rest

Website Design

Whether you're starting a business, thinking about expanding, in desperate need of an upgrade or have experienced supplier issues, we can set you free. Why not contact us today for a chat?

We are an exciting discovery

Advert Design

We understand how deadlines can interrupt a busy day, and the last thing you want is to lose focus, which is why we will manage everything for you and take control of your advertising projects.

Leave it to us to free up your day

Guard the Branding Experience

To compliment the online marketing and creative deliverables provided from our Knutsford location, we design websites that get found, which includes a blueprint for your business’ marketing goals. So, besides feeling proud of how a business looks and feels with a brand’s personality, one of the main priorities in the brand strategy is for your website to continually be at the top of Google – the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) – which is why our SEO team will regularly maintain and optimise a website to help further increase traffic from page one of Google – the lifeblood of so many businesses.

We help drive traffic to your website

One of the most important aspects of your brand strategy is going to be your investment and long-term commitment for SEO; something that we cannot stress highly enough – and once you are enjoying the dizzy heights of Google, you must do everything possible to stay there. You’ll need knights in shining armour to guard you – CreativeOpolis.

Getting to the Top of Google

And once you are at the top (or on the first page) of Google, you should not rest on your laurels and stop optimising because it is absolutely guaranteed that your website will drop out of sight. For this reason alone, it is recommended that you don’t do this just to ‘save a few quid’ – it will affect your sales numbers – and the lower you are on the search results pages, the less people will be visiting your website.

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Website Design in Knutsford

If you don’t have a website, you’re not in business. If you have a website, but it’s in dire need of an update, you’re about to go out of business. If you have a website at the top of Google, but you cannot convert visitors into sales, you need to restructure before you fail.

We can help. Finding a website designer these days is easy, they are everywhere, but if you buy cheap you not only pay twice by having to design a second website, but it will affect your sales and bottom line; everyone’s main focal point. That is why we will help you walk through each step from an initial consultation through to launch. We have long-term sales and marketing experience so understand what it is that a website needs, so why not contact us today and get the ball rolling?

User Experience & User Interface

Ultimately, there is a massive, paralleled marriage between UX design and UI design for, without it, your visitor would fail to grasp what it is you wish for them to do, they would not enjoy the experience, and with that being so they would not return to your poorly designed website. The user experience goes hand-in-hand with user interface, and CreativeOpolis understands what works… and what doesn’t!

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Website Design Options

Our website design service, located in Knutsford, will include one of the following:

1. A brand new website design; shiny and polished

2. An upgrade to a new website using your current pages and re/structure

3. Happy with your current site? We offer an Ongoing Maintenance Program for updates and SEO

…we suggest a client always works directly with our Optimisation Team to ensure their website is visible on Google results pages

Sales and Marketing Potential

Here’s a quick analogy for you: there’s no point buying a brand new car if you’re not going to drive it to its fullest potential, and we feel that leaving your website ‘back in the garage’ (practically offline and invisible) won’t do a business any favours. A website is a massive extension to your sales and marketing efforts, so use it well. As a top priority, we are here to help drive traffic to your website.

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SEO Services & Optimisation Auditing

If you already own a website, and being on the front page of Google is important to you, then we strongly advise that you have crucial pages of your site audited and optimised.

Auditing will seek out areas on a page where opportunities for ‘optimisation’ can occur, whereby industry-related keywords and phrases will be strategically placed and also the layout rearranged to suit what the most dominant search engine stringently requests. Our experienced SEO team has been able to help businesses to rank higher, including the well sort after top spot on the front page of Google. Ultimately, this is how to get your website seen in Knutsford and beyond…

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Get Discovered Today
with our SEO Team

Optimise your website for the front page of Google with our SEO skills. You can’t expect a webpage to perform well just by leaving it alone; it doesn’t work like that. We have gained a wealth of knowledge so to help webpages get found in search engine rankings. And the alternative? Well, as a site owner, we advise never to bury your head in the sand; it’s painful…

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Website Design Knutsford Cheshire SEO site-img33-reverse


Website Design
& Stress-Free Hosting

We create stunning and fully-functional websites. It means that you can focus on other things and, if you’re experiencing a stress-free hosting experience, this also means you can relax and go about your day. What else do you need? Oh yes, SPAM control, we work with the best assassins on the market. Killing it! CreativeOpolis, hands down, offers the best design team.

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Advert Design

Do you have repeat adverts going into the same publications every day, week or month? We can help. Our graphic design team, based in Knutsford, will create every advert you need and then deal direct with the publisher to help relieve the stress. What’s more important to you, getting bogged down by being the ‘middle man’ or going about your day achieving goals and dreams? We know the answer. You know the answer!

People not only need to remember you, they need to buy from you, and that generally only happens through brand recognition and trust. It is absolutely imperative that your print and online advertising is instantly recognisable through a repeating series of advertisements. Your logo and company colours which you use are absolutely crucial if you wish to gain respect and grow a following, and how to be as unique as the next is something that we do every day.

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Logo Design

Brand recognition is crucial, and effective designs are the most memorable. That's what a logo will do for you; create memories, and our graphic design team has a winning formula.

Stand out from the crowd

Social Media Integration

We offer stylish and effective layouts that are fully integratable with your social media accounts, offering auto-updates. You're here to make money, and we can help you.

Instant feed from tweets & posts

Leaflet Design

Whether you need a high-class brochure, a mailshot design or anything in between, there's still no getting away from how effective printed materials can be to promote a business.

Not everything exists in the the digital world

Graphic Design Services

Continuing along the brand recognition theme, this is where the CreativeOpolis design team is able to create your logo, online banner advert, leaflets / flyers, business cards (yes, still the most popular form of introduction), letterheads, compliment slips, envelopes, posters, t-shirts, in fact, it’s quite obvious what deliverables are available to you from our designers.

We can’t stress enough how important your printed materials still are beyond the 20th century. Just imagine a potential client sitting at their desk with their computer is powered down, but your marketing paraphernalia stands proud upon their desk, demanding attention.

…Smiling. Waiting.

Business cards and leaflets are not to be discounted, but they should still look similar and tie-in with your online designs. We can help.

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Secured Hosting for Websites and Emails

You may have the best website in Knutsford, but if it’s not being served to your visitors properly, you’ve got nothing. Nothing except headaches! The ONLY solution is to use a hosting company in Knutsford who is able to deliver a fast, secure and robust solution for your emails and webpages.

There’s nothing worse than a website being down or when emails aren’t working, and we’ve all experienced that little nugget… far too often!

Guard your SEO investment

What’s worse is investing in SEO services, sitting pretty at the top of Google, and then new visitors not being able to load any pages, so they go elsewhere. It’s not fun and it affects sales targets – everyone’s bottom line. With so many variables at stake, always ensure that your hosting is robust, and CreativeOpolis can ensure that for you.

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We're Sales Orientated

If there's a web design team you need on your side, it's definitely us. We are sales and marketing through and through; driven to succeed so we can pass along our experience.

We can help grow your sales

We work Long Hours

Late nights, early mornings and weekends aren't our usual advertised office hours, but you can generally find us not far from a computer screen or handheld device. Working.

We'll offer you help & advice

We Tackle Problems

Nobody likes issues, but we've learnt to expect them, and that means we are always looking for solutions even before they materialise. We have plenty of backup plans, but do you?

We are forward thinking

We provide the following services, all from our Knutsford location:

    • Website Design
    • Secure Website Hosting Facility
    • Brand Strategy – what is your Marketing purpose?
    • Advert Design – print & online advertising
    • Graphic Design, Branding and Logo Design
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – “Get to the Top of Google” Specialists
    • Social Media Management & Online Marketing Solutions
    • Domain Name Registration
    • Email Address Configuration
    • Webmail Facility – online emails; an excellent backup when your computer, tablet or phone fails!
    • Creative Writing, Web Content & Research
    • Private Client Area, including the CreativeOpolis Support & Ticketing System

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