Throw the Competition off the SEO Scent

Throw the Competition off the SEO Scent


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How to Keep Your SEO Specialist Busy …and the Competition Busier


We love throwing the competition a curve-ball and toying with their SEO teams. This particular website is one of our secondary blog sites. One of. It’s a proving ground and testing area, and it acts like a fake fox for a drag hunt… all rolled into one Frankenstein-style design. It gives off the wrong scent but also seeks out others. Website Design Knutsford SEO will teach you an interesting way to flush out the competition.

We know that the competition looks closely at this Knutsford design website to see which keywords and phrases we are using when trying to get to the top of Google, but many of the search terms we’ve included on our fake webpages are useless and are nothing more than to entice and ensure that the competition wastes their time trying to knock us off the top of the tree by spending valuable resources and being the angry competitor. Perhaps we should use the word ‘vindictive’ or even ‘unoriginal’ to describe these parasites for they are unable to think for themselves; they are mere copycats.

We absolutely love it. Our office thrives on it, and we can’t stop laughing when we see that a competitor has created a page with the wasteful keywords and phrases! It’s our favourite part of monitoring; seeing them copy us. Emulating someone is a very high form of flattery.

Keywords and Phrases with SEO

We even list the keywords and phrases in a number of our blogs and spell it out for them: here, waste your time and create your own blogs with these unimportant, fake fox scents. And the proof is in the pudding; they have; they have wasted valuable client production time by wanting to overtake us at the top of a SMALL number of (not very many!) Google search results… for things we don’t even care about! ?

It means that the less time our competition is working on their client websites, the more possibility they will faulter and drop in rankings. It also means that the less time they are spending on the more popular keywords and phrases or more relevant search terms on Google, the more ours will thrive.

Boom. Job done!

Throw them off the scent. Point them in the wrong direction. Send them on their way.

Funny thing is, when they read this article they’ll probably get mad that they’ve been had and thus start to spend even more time to then find ways to scheme and get back at us. It’s fun. They’re going to be spending even more time turning their backs on their valuable clients.

It won’t be long until they’re our clients… Ouch!

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And that… is a lesson for all SEO gurus, experts and wannabes; when optimising a client’s website, create extra pages for their competitors’ SEO teams to see, so to also throw THEM off the scent. Some may say it’s dirty tactics, but our clients always say “Thank you, CreativeOpolis!

What people don’t realise is that a bad SEO specialist (most of them!) optimises a website based upon how THEY would use a search engine, and not for someone off the street who tends to perform a Google search in an entirely different way. A good SEO marketer knows that keywords and phrases are only relevant if they work, and they only work if the right ones are being used during optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation Knutsford

For example, very few people search for Search Engine Optimisation Knutsford because they’ve never even heard of that search term; it’s only the insiders who work within the SEO industry who constantly say it to themselves every five seconds; convinced by their own self-importance. So how, you ask, SHOULD someone optimise a website for the man and woman in the street? By contacting CreativeOpolis…

Boom. Job done!

If you have been affected and scarred by our marketing scent and now wish to save yourself from waking up in the middle of the night, scared that your business is about to fail because your SEO specialist is spending more time on their own website’s ego, please make contact below with our website design and SEO team to ensure a safe passage through the world of business.