Should I Optimise at the Top of Google?

Should I Optimise at the Top of Google?


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What to do When You’re Already First on Google


If you are trying to reach the number 1 position (top ranking) on the first page of Google by using a webpage that has already successfully increased its traffic to reach the top of Google for another search engine results page (SERP), then your definitive answer is… NO, do not change a thing; leave the SEO alone. If you try to update and optimise a webpage that is already at the top of Google page 1 in Knutsford, it may seriously damage the health of the page. Website design is crucial to the development of any Knutsford business; choose your designer carefully, as is how SEO is conducted, so choose who is going to optimise your site.

Why? Well, it’s quite obvious; attempting to create additional keywords and phrases by tinkering with an already successful formula could (and probably will) drop that entire page in Google rankings for the first SERP, thus leaving you with neither in first place for Knutsford rankings. Once you realise a webpage’s position at the top…

Leave. It. Alone. Don’t overload it. Stop being greedy.

What Should I Do?

Just monitor it. Instead, create a new page or blog post using the intended Knutsford keywords and phrases; it will also force you to stay focused and not confuse your website visitors, especially if you want to build traffic with returning visitors and create repeat sales. DO NOT touch or edit any page that is enjoying being at the top of page one of Google search engine results. Our opinion is that any Knutsford business who has been advised by their SEO specialist to update a successful webpage should be immediately sacked because they will be compromising your sales targets, and we all know what a lack of sales means…

  • Less profits
  • …thus leading to job losses, which ultimately could force
  • …the failing and closing of a Knutsford business (self-employed or otherwise)

Performing unnecessary optimisation on a webpage already at the top of Google usually signifies that your SEO specialist hasn’t a clue regarding any decent SEO technique, and is not… an ‘expert’, ‘specialist’ or other self-proclaimed, self-indulging name ? #avoid

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