1. How to Get to the Top of Google

1. How to Get to the Top of Google

The SEO Knutsford Masterclass

Learn the Secrets to Get Your Website to the Top of Google



One thing that humans like to do is explore, and the Internet is perfect for that on so many levels, especially at the top of Google page one. Whatever the reason to use a search engine Knutsford, people rely on finding an answer within the first couple of Google search results pages …or they try a new search, or worse, they leave. Not an ideal situation if you own a website design. SEO by CreativeOpolis (Knutsford) can help you (see what we did there? You will learn why you should avoid such a dastardly trick of writing illegible sentences!) 😉

This masterclass for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will delve deep into the reasons why website owners must understand the importance of managing their website with kid gloves but, using our list off helpful techniques, achieving a high ranking position at the top of Google is highly possible.

Beating the competition is a major concern, and thus we know how significant it is to optimise a website, ready for when the various search engines index the wording, and yes, there are many others besides Google front page, and they all add up. To everyone, search engine rankings Knutsford are extremely important to their business.

Is using the most promonant keyword or phrase detrimental to optimisation efforts so early on within a page? (not particularly; using it at the front is regarded as a wise move, but using it too many times throughout a page will cause a massive decline in ranking; it’s called ‘keyword stuffing’). Read on and learn where to place your keywords and phrases within a website (and how many to use!), and that’s where the importance of Google page one marketing becomes important to our clients; we will help a website increase its visibility.

We have already started the search engine optimisation process by adding various industry-specific words and phrases onto this page (see if you can spot them!)

Our aim is to help your website be found with someone’s first attempt at a search, not a second, third or… possibly never!

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Optimising a Website is a Must; a Top Priority

Optimisation is an ESSENTIAL TOOL that requires regular activity and monitoring. All businesses wish to be found, and the front page of Google is their top priority …or at least the second page, in desperation. Anything further beyond that point and a website is potentially regarded as being one of the following:

1. Completely invisible

2. Unreliable

3. Unprofessional

4. Not worth bothering with

5. It’s a failure (oh, how this one hurts!)

Either way, most people won’t spend time looking beyond the first couple of Google results pages. This is why it is absolutely ESSENTIAL to optimise a website. It takes time, it’s an ongoing project much like exercising at the gym, brushing your teeth and eating. You don’t do it once and walk away thinking that’s it, you never have to return; you already know the dreadful consequences. Help yourself and follow the list of Google parameters.

It is imperative that a website be looked after by someone who knows what they are doing. It has to be done right or you won’t be found.

There are Only Two Ways of Managing SEO

What’s your goal?

Simple, you are here to learn how to optimise your website so that it is more visible on search engine results pages. One cannot expect new traffic to magically come rolling into their website. It doesn’t work like that; it takes time to develop, and their site needs more nurturing than they think. Are you one of those people? If so, SEO Knutsford by CreativeOpolis can most definitely help you.

You have two choices to advance to the top of Google:

1. Learn how to do it yourself or,
2. Pay someone to do it for you

Either way, it could be a long process to move your website from beneath the dark depths of uncertainty and up onto page one of Google (or at least to become more visible), and it doesn’t happen overnight, which makes this very simple; you can either continue reading this Masterclass (and start the slow and painstaking process of a vast learning curve) or you can contact CreativeOpolis immediately for our direct and INSTANT help. But don’t dawdle in your decision making because every day that goes by is another day that another website vies for your customers’ attention.

Grab a Pad & Pen: We are going to share countless optimisation techniques with you, but here are the basics that we will initially focus on:
• Keyword Research
• How to name a page / URL
• Using the correct heading sizes
• How to write the perfect copy (text)
• Adding information to an image
• Which plugins to use in WordPress

What Does this Top of Google Masterclass Entail?

Well, as a company (or individual; hello if you are self-employed #CONGRATS), you are about to embark on one of the greatest journeys available on the Internet. CreativeOpolis (click to read more about SEO) will help you start from scratch and dig deep to find the best ways to get your website not only seen, but to rise above the competition and climb to the top of Google, THE leader in the search engine industry. And once we’ve done that, we shall continue to seek and share the best ways to fine tune and optimise your pages which will enable you to continue enjoying that top placed ranking.

No mean feat.

How to Get Your Website Seen in Google Search Results

We are already aware that there is more than one way to achieve this (there’s a big long list!); there is always more than one way to skin a cat (sorry for the horrible visual, animal lovers! ..note to self: must. use. more. appropriate. metaphors), but there really is only one way to get it done, and that is to be constantly active. No, not down at the gym; your website! It’s SEO or bust!

Over the years (btw, we built our first website way back in 1994 and know a thing or two about the website industry as a whole), we have been privy to countless supplier-customer conversations where, once a new website had been launched, the position on Google results pages had been practically nonexistent. The customers hadn’t been happy and their suppliers had been left in a tight spot. Some legally challenged, some mentally scarred, but almost all break off the relationship.

Did you Notice How Unreadable our Sentences Were?

That’s because we wanted to point out that a website should be written for the reader in mind and NOT a search engine. Plain and simple… if your webpage doesn’t quite make sense, it means that your visitors may leave, and who wants that?! All you really have to do is write compelling content, and it’s a done deal.

GOOGLE ISN’T STUPID! Never ‘keyword stuff’ your pages. Search Engines know that you’re trying to fool them and will penalise your website by dropping you lower in their rankings. OUCH!

Why Customers Walk Away From their Web Designer

There are many reasons but, to be frank, and let’s cut to the chase here, it’s usually due to the fact that the ‘average designer’ isn’t experienced enough to manage an optimisation project; it’s also not their job. Website designers are neither salespeople nor marketeers; they are two completely separate careers. They don’t concentrate on SEO services and online marketing, and that means they are definitely not an SEO company. In fact, they’re one of the most removed and isolated of any workforce regarding knowing how to sell (and socialise), and with this being so, they usually stick with what they know best (burying their heads well and truly deep inside a computer screen; their favourite hiding place). Contact CreativeOpolis for immediate assistance

Our Favourite Analogy: You can ask someone to design a car for you, but you have to know how to drive it exceptionally well on the road. Will you go unnoticed or will you succeed on a top, professional circuit? The latter involves investment in both time and money, but the rewards are definitely greater. The Internet is one of the greatest roads ever built, so use it well.

Sure, they can build a half-decent looking website and save on a budget, but further down the line that would be a poor investment. Buy cheap, pay twice!

Are Website Developers Intuitive About OPTIMISATION?

Basically, the average web developer doesn’t know how to ask the right questions. Selling is much more involved than marketing one’s services and asking for the business by ‘telling’ a prospect what they can do for them (by building a ‘pretty’ website); it also means that they’re guessing what a customer needs. In fact, some don’t even guess at all; they just build the site and then they… stop. This is wrong.

There is a series of questions that requires some serious answering before a quote is provided, PLUS follow-up meetings, telephone calls and emails before anything is understood and agreed, let alone a tightly sealed contract… signed!

Who Are You Targeting?

And that is why customers walk away from their website designer; they’re angry because they trusted them with the future of their business but all they did was take their money and run. Amongst various other prodding questions, they failed ask what their customer needed, what they expected to get out of their website and, most importantly, who they were targeting. This shows a total lack of communication and understanding; no doubt from both parties! It’s a case of the blind leading the blind.

If they don’t know who their client is targeting online, how can a spotty teenager (still working from their bedroom of their parent’s house) know what keywords to focus on? Sorry, we know that’s a tad harsh, but it’s somewhat true, I’m afraid.

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Search Engine Optimisation

A Complete Guide to SEO Knutsford

And that’s where CreativeOpolis comes in; we neither tell nor sell; we inform. We’ve been around for quite a long time and we hope that our experience can be trusted. Look us up on the Internet, it’s fairly easy to do, find out when we first registered our website. You will find in the search results that it’s older than the aforementioned teenagers still living at home.

We wish not to demean anybody but, at the same time, we very much respect the fact that a company needs a reliable supplier who can be called upon at a moment’s notice, and not to be left waiting while the ‘kid’ sleeps in until lunchtime or goes off with their mates to an all-nighter… returning home a week later and with one shoe missing. Who has done this? Come on, raise your hand while nobody is looking. No, we said raise your hand, not your glass! #CHEERS

This is a definitive guide to search engine optimisation

It’s for the serious business owner AND the spotty teenager. It’s where they both have the opportunity to learn and develop their skills of search engine management or, if they simply wish to know of a company to trust, then this is the place to do it, this blog.

As mentioned at the top of this page, we have already started to use keywords and phrases. Did you manage to spot them?
  1. How to get to the top of Google (the page link name (URL); the very first thing you should do!)
  2. Page one of Google
  3. Search engine
  4. Search engine optimisation
  5. SEO
  6. High ranking position on Google
  7. Optimise a website
  8. Optimising a website
  9. Search engine results
  10. How to name a page / URL
  11. How to write the perfect copy
  12. Which plugins to use in WordPress
  13. The best ways to get your website (not only) seen
  14. An outbound link to another website (our own, obviously!)
  15. Optimise your pages
  16. Top placed ranking
  17. How to get your website seen in / Google search results
  18. Google result pages
  19. Web & Website / designer & developer
  20. Manage an SEO project
  21. Know who their client is targeting online
  22. Know what keywords to focus on
  23. A complete guide to SEO
  24. A definitive guide to search engine optimisation
  25. Learn and develop (their) skills of search engine management
  26. Keywords and phrases (TOP TIP: singular words are better than plurals!)

Trial & Error

Some of the above will definitely attract attention whilst others may not; you HAVE to go through a learning process. You never know what words and phrases people use in a search engine, which means you have to be prepared to use a variety within your wording (on every page!).

Stop Words

(a, the, of, for etc.) Such words are usually filtered out by search engines, which means that you should try to eliminate them, too. We shall cover this topic at a later date.

Start to Make Notes

Look out for more keywords and phrases on this page (and other pages throughout this optimisation series) and start to make a note of what YOU should be using on your own website. Do you know how many important keywords and phrases are used within YOUR industry? Start making a list today. Message received and understood? Perfect!

How Do I Get My Website onto Page One of Google?

Are you still with us? Amazing! We are starting at the very beginning because we want to show you what works, and most importantly, what doesn’t. Reading our ongoing project on search engine ranking will enlighten you in how to make your own website succeed, and if your website succeeds, then you succeed. No more living with your parents and no more running a business on a shoestring.

This is where you can learn how to excel in life and to grow as a company, but it’s also how you get your website to rank well on Google. Tell yourself you can do this and you will be right. Like everyone, you’re going to learn through trial and error, but we know from experience that you will gain enough knowledge to succeed.

What are Search Engine Rankings?

Okay, we did say that we would start the very beginning didn’t we?, but seriously, if you don’t know what search engine rankings are, then I’m afraid that there’s only so much we can do for you. Give it up, go learn how to cut hedges or work on a farm. We’re joking, of course!

Here’s the answer – Whenever you search on Google, you get sent the first page of results that their system thinks will suit the word or phrase that you searched for. Jump down passed a handful of paid adverts (commonly known as Pay-Per-Click or PPC) and you will see the first ORGANIC search result; a non-paid placing. The number one ranked position. The website in second place, we can guarantee you, will be working hard to take over the number one Google top spot, or at least remain highly visible on PAGE ONE OF GOOGLE. Nod your head if that’s where you want to be?

Upon scrolling towards the bottom of the first page, a user starts to become hesitant as to whether or not they continue on to page two of Google’s search results (they also question themselves and their choice of search words; should they try another search with similar words, or will they leave?). Most successful websites would rather die before being positioned (ranked) on page two of Google search results. We are here to help you avoid that unfortunate situation, and instead we’re going to teach you how to climb to the top of Google… and stay there!

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Imagine Having a Site on Page 7…

…or Worse, Page 647

This is known as the ether; it doesn’t have a precise location, and has no relevance or importance. It is a time before even dinosaurs existed! But fear not, you are here to explore the best ways to succeed in getting to the top of Google page one AND staying there. After all, why have a website if nobody is going to find it?

Why Do I Have to Work So Hard to Get My Site Seen?

Why do we have to work hard at anything? What do you expect, to get something for nothing? Were you born with a silver spoon in your mouth or something?!

We don’t see it as work. We see this project as simply starting to document in diary form (a blog) the things that we are interested in learning. We are sharing (divulging even!) the tricks of the trade in becoming successful with your own website, whatever goals you may have for it. An SEO Knutsford project isn’t a one-page-fix-all type of thing either; it’s not a one-shot deal, it’s an ongoing project where we will be adding new content so that the number of our own website pages grow. The amount of keywords and phrases will then continue to be indexed by the Google system (and other search engines), which will enable our website to become even more visible. Just like you, we have goals, too.

And that’s the point we’re trying to get across to you here; start a blog, use industry-specific keywords and phrases, make it interesting, make it fun and definitely do it regularly.

One Year Goal

Give Google the Opportunity to Index Your Website More Often!

Just imagine how big your website would be if you wrote one blog page per week; correct, you would have grown by a further 52 pages. But then think of how Google would rank you if you published once a day for a year. Precisely! That’s an awfully large website, but with so many pages, it gives Google the opportunity to index each and every word and then lay them all out in front of your potential customers. The more the merrier… as long as what you have written is relevant, of course.

It’s been said that quality is better than quantity, and we can’t argue with that, but wouldn’t you agree that a larger quantity COMBINED with better quality is a more desirable concept? That’s what this SEO Knutsford masterclass will teach you, and if you can master both, you might just be onto a winner.

…and Beyond One Year?

I’m sure you will now recognise the value of regular additions to your website. If you can, set up your tablet and/or smart phone to allow you to quickly create and publish when you’re on the go. Who knows how inspired you’ll be when you’re on the train, in the queue at the Post Office or even in the bath, the bed or in front of the telly. Only you know what best works for you, but if you don’t try it, you will NEVER know.

Learn How to Optimise for Google Front Page with CreativeOpolis Knutsford

Be serious. Isn’t that why you’re here? Well done, we give you two BIG thumbs up for getting this far!


Remember, if you try and skimp on your investment you will only get what you pay for (buy cheap, pay twice), and that’s why you should click to read more about CreativeOpolis SEO services; you will be in good hands for online marketing.

Two sayings we love!

  • Do it now, never wait!
  • Write it down because you won’t remember it…

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02 – The Top of Google: Getting Started