Using Several Newsletter Signup Forms

Using Several Newsletter Signup Forms


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How Using Several Signup Forms Can Help


If you offer several products and services in Knutsford but have only one signup form on your website, how will you know that the next newsletter you’re going to be emailing out to everyone is specific to each of their needs? You won’t. Sure, it’s good to periodically send out a blanket newsletter, the one which covers a multitude of sins and covers snippets of everything but, wouldn’t you agree that sending a specific email to specific people would be more beneficial, especially if it contains more detailed information about a particular product or service? Your website designer in Knutsford should help you with this; if not, CreativeOpolis can assist.

For example, CreativeOpolis offers the following services for Knutsford businesses:

  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media Management
  • Secured Hosting
  • Domain Name Registration

…and within each of the list, there are more offshoots.

This means that if someone were to sign up for a newsletter when visiting the Website Design page, it would usually signal to us that they are interested in obtaining a new design (or upgrade) by our Knutsford-based design team; and if they sign up to a newsletter whilst on the SEO page, it would mean they need their website optimised and are thus interested in getting to the front page of Google in Knutsford, and so on.

Knowing this, CreativeOpolis wants to get straight to the point by sending the most relevant information and NOT send peoples’ heads spinning with things they don’t necessarily need. If we know that someone in Knutsford is interested in website design, we can send them the first in the series of many design newsletters, providing more details regarding some of the following:

  • How to upgrade from an old website and what it entails
  • How to select the correct design for their requirements
  • A focus on their goals and what the website needs to do for them
  • Offering to setup a meeting in Knutsford, local to everyone!
  • An introduction to the importance of keywords and phrases
  • An introduction to the Sales Funnel
  • …and so on

This can’t be done unless you have set up¬†individual newsletter signup forms for each page. Without them, you’re going to be guessing but, with the right knowledge, you can arm yourself for a better conversation with the client if you add the best details into your customer contact sheet, CRMs such as, SalesForce etc. Having the right details in your customer relationship management software (and apps) can and will enable you to put together the correct research BEFORE you even speak to the client.

Imagine phoning a potential client for the very first time and you start mouthing off about Social Media in Knutsford, only to find out, rather embarrassingly, that they were wanting to get to the top of Google. Not a great start!

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You can do all of the aforementioned by using a service called MailChimp (there are plenty of alternatives available). You can create a string of emails that get sent out automatically one after another (over a certain time frame), once someone has signed up with your newsletter. All you then have do to is create an individual signup form to tie in with each newsletter thread, and simply place the shortcodes onto the appropriate pages of your website. Simple. That way, anyone who signs up for your newsletter will get the correct information instead of you having to bombard them with irrelevant information, thus giving them an opportunity to UNSUBSCRIBE.

If you need help, CreativeOpolis can assist you. Please send us an email today.