Google Wants Outgoing Links on Your Website

Google Wants Outgoing Links on Your Website


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Learn Why Not to Always Follow What Your SEO Specialist Suggests


Yes, you heard that correctly, Google is recommending that you add outgoing links (reverse backlinks) onto your website because they say that it affects your rankings in search engine results. We understand why you are shaking your head and grimacing; your SEO specialist has been paid to work hard to get your website to the top of Google front page but, once a visitor arrives on your webpage… Google wants them to leave? No way!

Well, what Google is actually forcing website owners to do is create a false network, and a massive one at that. It is seldom that Google is monitored either; seldom are they challenged regarding whether or not it’s in the interest of business owners in Knutsford to add outgoing links onto their websites, and seldom is the idea challenged as a best practice model worth continuing …or avoiding. It is looking to you also, as a website owner, to go and seek out opportunities where other websites can link back to you; all false in our opinion.

Cynically, there might be more to adding external links than first meets the eye. We seem to think the more that people click from one website to the next, the less they have to keep returning to Google to perform another search, thus easing the strain on the Google servers. Google is a business, but to use their search engine is free. Their profits obviously offset this astronomical expense, but if they can shave off a large percentage of outgoing costs by forcing users to directly jump from website to website whereby they bypass the search engine, then no doubt Google has saved themselves a large business expense but yet created an inefficient and ineffective World Wide Web. Their ‘idea’, or so they say, is to offer better search results.

Hmmm ?

Do Outgoing Links Help Google Rankings?

Forcing and / or convincing websites owners and SEO specialists in Knutsford to include sub-standard links (ANY links) by simply saying that “…outgoing links help your Google rankings”, is getting to be complete and utter nonsense, AND extremely costly. Again, yet another reason for business owners located in Knutsford and beyond to lose trust within the Knutsford website design community; they think it’s our fault and, as we are on the front line, we are the ones who get it in the neck and are left having to explain and justify the issue. It’s lucky that CreativeOpolis is a well-respected website designer based in Knutsford and can be relied upon for both facts and quality SEO work…

Conversely and very cynically, another reason why Google might be asking all websites to add external links is because they want users to become fed up with low-quality links so that people DO return to their search engine and thus can be fed NEW search results …all with the hope that they select one of the Pay Per Click (PPC) adverts. Google makes a mass amount of money from their Adwords business model, which means it is in their best interest to have users keep returning to their SERPs (search engine results pages). Profits! Profits! Profits!

Why would a search engine expect a website to solely focus on getting to the first page of Google only to have the visitor leave? It’s an absolute crazy idea but, if you are already at the top of Google page 1 and you don’t have any outgoing links, then we recommend at this stage that you don’t change a thing. What’s more annoying is the fact that we all know the pages will one day be deleted or have their web address (URL) changed, thus your precious visitor is left staring at a 404 error page. This will either make them curse you or curse the owner of the error page, but it’s doubtful that they’re going to hit the back button. They’ll probably just go back to Google and perform a new search. Did someone say Google Adwords and Pay Per Click? Cough! Cough! But whatever the reason for someone exiting your website; you’ve had your chance. You’ve lost them. And just think of all that hard work it took for your SEO specialist to get your page to become more visible and onto the 1st page of Google search engine results pages. Not the greatest of decisions or investments by adding third party links onto your own website.

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Dont forget, also, that Google makes ZERO money from organic search results. If your website is sitting pretty at the very top of Google page one, then it means that you are using their service for free. To get there, though, it has manipulated both yourself and your SEO specialist to optimise the website how GOOGLE wants it done, not you. They have evolved into such a powerhouse that they recommend stringent guidelines that one must follow to have a website visible so to create traffic.

Surely, would you agree that if you pay less money to your SEO specialist to create reverse backlinks and instead ask them to create new pages and blogs for your website then that is a much better investment? And if you do… then you have a better chance of reaching the front page of Google. Spend your money wisely, Knutsford!

Google and search engine optimisation is an extremely complex beast. In some ways, it has brilliantly transformed all our lives but, behind the facade is a business and, much like any other business, it has to be innovative in creating new ways to make money. Big money! You can’t blame us for being cynical, especially after seeing other well-known brands try to manipulate the general public en mass. One merely has to turn their head towards the Volkswagen diesel fiasco…

In Google’s defence, it could also be trying to create an extremely efficient system where users are able to find what they’re looking for so fast that it enables them to make a purchase sooner, and if their experiences are always high quality in short periods of time then they’ll want to keep on doing it and not be deterred from returning to the Internet. More sales for all companies means growth, and growth means jobs, taxes and a better world economy all round.