Does a FIVE STAR REVIEW Help Google Rankings?

Does a FIVE STAR REVIEW Help Google Rankings?


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Well, does it? Does having a five star review help with how a website ranks on Google front page? No, absolutely not, and we doubt they ever will, but what WILL help your Google rankings is interesting and relevant on-page content. CreativeOpolis has a large number of links at the top of Google and we have not activated the review feature. Our point has been proven. Website development is crucial to your online presence, especially if you want to boost traffic and create new sales. CreativeOpolis will always err on the side of caution and recommend using proven SEO techniques to get you to the top of Google search results. Anything more and you will be found out and classed as a faker.

What you have to think about is how intelligent people are, and it’s quite obvious that the majority of companies which have 5 star reviews underneath their links on the front page of Google are nothing but lies created by themselves. Sure, it might look good on Google search engine results pages (SERPs), but because the REVIEWS ARE FAKE, what it is actually doing is pointing a huge spotlight onto these companies and therefore helping a Google user to bypass the cheats. People are much smarter than they are given credit for, and creating a fake five star review can only be detrimental to a company who only creates them in a desperate attempt to attract attention on Google page 1 and to win business.

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If you think that lying to the general public is a good thing, then yes, it is good for your competitors because a potential customer will either make a wide berth around you or that other lies will eventually come out down the line whereby an active customer will up and leave anyway. It’s not an ideal situation to be caught up in if it has the potential to spiral out of control when word gets out to their families, friends and colleagues that you lied to them from the very beginning; the ‘get-go’.

And by the way, Google knows:

  • the IP address of where your review was created
  • the IP address of where you perform a Google search
  • the IP address of when you repeatedly self-click on your own website on SERPs
  • how to tie in all the above IP addresses and conclude who the liars are

…what this means is that Google has the potential to mark down a website designer in Knutsford (or any other type of business) based upon the activities of their IP addresses, and who wants to have their own website penalised and stripped from being at the top of Google? It could only be a matter of time before all search engines pull the plug once they have completed their extensive research. Being blacklisted will kill a company stone dead if it relies upon being found on the first page of Google. We advise not to mess with the system because of UNKNOWN ALGORITHMS that only a search engine is privy to.

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What’s also relevant here is the open-ended opportunity a competitor has in creating a LOW-STAR REVIEW; we saw one again only yesterday where a website designer in Knutsford had been given just ONE STAR. Sure, you may come across the odd review which is genuine, either positive or negative, but for the most part, people simply don’t have the time to review a website designer in Knutsford (or a restaurant, high street shop, pub, salon or gym etc.). It’s not in their own interest and it’s boring to them for they have lives to lead. The only people who are going to be doing that is either for their own website or a spiteful competitor; and in such cases they are BOTH liars.

It is unfair to lie to the general public by using fake five star reviews on Google results pages (AND it’s deceitful!) and it is unfair that a competitor writes a fake low-star review about someone else. What both of these instances do is not only make the researcher uneasy about you but it raises even more hostility and untrust across the ENTIRE WEBSITE DESIGN COMMUNITY or whatever industry that you’re involved in.

There are numerous opportunities where reviews can help a potential buyer to make an informed decision, but that is usually done directly on such websites as TrustPilot where it’s not only a star rating that’s visible but actual customer comments, too.

Google Rankings, Knutsford SEO & Foolishness

The star ratings visible in Google search results are only created by users who have a Google account, and they are currently not linked and are thus unrelated to TrustPilot or any other reputable review source. We think that Google is attempting to do too much by creating its own micro-community (does anyone remember the 90’s and AOL?) because not everyone wishes to have their eggs all in one basket. Why? Well, if something happens to Google, such as, a massive breach of security or a crash within their system, people will lose access to all they know, and that’s why it’s safer to spread it out a little.

So no, whether you have a genuine or fake five star review or a genuine or fake low-star review, it definitely won’t help your Google rankings, but what five stars could do is make you seem foolish and desperate, and nobody wants a website designer in Knutsford to be amongst their supplier list in case it negatively affects their bottom line.

The first thing you should be protecting is your own integrity because the last thing you want is for potential customers to see through you.

We think this article deserves a five star review! ?