Why Email Forms are Crucial to SEO

Why Email Forms are Crucial to SEO

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Imagine someone extensively looking at your Knutsford website (pages and pages and pages…) and then contacting you via the only email form you have; the one usually located on the Contact page. You may have ‘some’ idea as to where the visitor went on your website by drilling down in your analytics (if you have the time!), but wouldn’t it be better to know the exact page they felt compelled to make contact from? And if the page is successful, the format can be emulated for other webpages, especially if you spent a great amount of time putting together the right kind of SEO. SEO in Knutsford can be hit and miss, so when you find something that works, try to reuse it.

The best way to do this is to create an individual contact form by copying an existing form and changing the Subject line to the name of the page so that when you receive an email, you will know exactly where the Send button was pushed. It doesn’t take a moment to do this either (about 20 seconds!) and, when you’re done with copying and creating the new form, just copy the shortcode into the webpage. Simple.

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We recommend giving it a quick test by completing the form using your own email address just to see what the client would be receiving from you and what you will be receiving from them. Once you are happy… let it loose by clicking on the Publish button… you’re done! Web design Knutsford is important to your online success, which is why CreativeOpolis is here to help all knutsford-based business, and if you are starting a business in Knutsford, even better, because we can help!

If you can, we also recommend creating a spreadsheet and updating it every time you receive an email from a specific page; that way you won’t lose count.

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CreativeOpolis can design your next website or update the one you have so that it’s optimised for getting to the top of Google. Being ranked at the summit of page 1 is the ultimate accolade, and if we can help as many businesses in Knutsford as possible to end up on the first page, then the better our town will become.

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