3. How to Create a WordPress Page for SEO

3. How to Create a WordPress Page for SEO


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Do You Need Your Website at the Top of Google?

If you answered yes, then we are here to spoil your day by informing you that you are not the only one in Knutsford, BUT… we can help change that. Simply ensure that you invest a large amount of time abiding by Google’s recommendations (demands!) to meet their stringent parameters by continually updating your website (or a particular webpage). You just have to create a wordpress page for SEO with only your customers in mind, and not for search engine optimisation; it won’t make for pretty reading if you do, especially your conversation rates and bank accounts! Here, CreativeOpolis Knutsford website design will offer more tips and top tricks.

It is imperative that you don’t overdo your web pages with too many keywords or SEO tricks because Google has now become wise to such actions and has since (many years ago!) written their code to ensure your page drops down their rankings and out of sight if you do violate their very fair parameters. You have to help yourself by following their rules if you want things to go in your favour.

Every Knutsford business owner’s worst nightmare is not having their website design found by potential customers! That is why our search engine optimisation Masterclass can help avoid becoming invisible on the Internet. So, whether you refer to it as the first page, front page, page one or the 1st page, we will help guide you through until you are able to reach the top of Google where you can enjoy increased visibility and a growth in sales, all made possible from boosting traffic to your website.

If you abuse Google’s hospitality, you will be penalised and you will become invisible! With that in mind, let’s begin so you can create a wordpress page for SEO…

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How to Create a New WordPress Page for SEO

This is a key moment in your website design

After opening a new page in WordPress (WP), the first task that you MUST do is to include the most prominent keyword in its url. For example, if the content of your new page is going to focus on flowers, fruits and vegetables, and you have a stall at a garden market, then add ‘garden market’ as part of the url. To do this, start typing in the top text box entitled ‘Enter title here’ (the curser should already be flashing, waiting for you).

Once you have saved your page, the url should look like the below address (you can change it at any time; just make sure it contains the correct keyword/s):

i.e. yourdomainname.co.uk/garden-market

Some would argue that you should use a hyphen because it makes it easier for Google to understand what the webpage title is about but, if your page content is of a high quality, it may not even matter. Saying that, you may decide to instead combine the two words into one because search engines may possibly create alternative words and thus you will be placed on random search results. Remember, you are here to learn how to create a wordpress page for SEO and NOT for search engines!

If you think it helps to be placed alongside websites in Denmark or search engine results pertaining to Denmark, then feel free to experiment. Be creative!


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By the way, if you failed to notice why we used Denmark, have another look at combining the above two words; garden and market… gar(denmark)et

Grab a Pad & Pen: There is so much information to remember that you won’t be able retain it all. In the long term it will become second nature but, for now, we cannot recommend highly enough that you make notes.

Limit the Length of your Page Title

FYI, that Google only displays a maximum of the first 75 characters of your main page title (although, that and the meta description are both changing lengths as we speak; more on that soon). Use the designated space wisely if you wish for people to read the entire sentence, but somewhat ignore the length if your keyword sentence is longer; Google spiders will still index it.

The choice is yours, but perhaps you should think about trying both options to see how the results compare for your website design. You will find yourself doing this regularly with various SEO techniques anyway, so best to start getting into the routine.

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Create a WordPress Page for SEO by Utilising Headings

Headings are not the primary factor that Google will rank your website, but it’s still important to add a keyword or phrase into them; just don’t overdo it. It’s fairly simple, and we suggest using H1 at least once on a page (Google recommends this).

Using more than one H1 is also acceptable practice (HTML5 allows for this), but it may not look as pretty if there are too many. As long as you think that your page serves its purpose, then by all means don’t kill the design.

Again, content is king AND queen. In fact, it’s the entire Royal family!

SEO Knutsford Cheshire CreativeOpolis Website Design Knutsford SEO Cheshire, search engine optimisation, search engine, search results, search engine results, Google, Bing


Header Length

Definitely restrict the length of your headings from being too long; they are harder to read and not as visually stunning, especially if they rollover onto a second line (just don’t go onto a third!). We all understand how hard it is relating to small screened devices being in either landscape or portrait etc.  Overall, though, short and punchy is what you should aspire to. You are here to learn how to create a wordpress page for SEO. As a heads up, we shall be covering AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) at a later date.

Also, try not to duplicate a keyword inside other headings. Instead, create variations because it’s just a wasted opportunity and thus starts to look ‘too spammy’ and ‘in your face’.  You should be able to create more traffic to a website if you use variations of your keywords across all headings.

Most importantly, though, first and foremost you should concentrate on making a text rich page and… engaging.

Structuring Paragraphs for SEO

For some people, they just loooove to read and read and read but, for others, they like to skim and look for choice words; a kind of speed reading if you will, where they create their own sentences to remember (could this be related to a photographic memory?). As long as the content is on your webpage, then it’s there to be read. It is not really designed to be read like a book, it is there to supply information, both in snippets and in-depth.

You may have noticed (if you have managed to get this far in our search engine optimisation series!) that we have tended to split up the longer paragraphs into much shorter and more readable snippets. We have found that shorter chunks of words are much more manageable and easier to digest, which means that you must create a wordpress page for SEO with your customers in mind, not the search engines!

Usually, when someone looks at a massive chunk of words, they tend to be put off at any attempt to read it. We suggest trying this out on yourself, colleagues, family and friends to see what their preferences are. Basically, CreativeOpolis (Knutsford) are massive fans of ‘white space’.

If you search for a list of website designers in Knutsford, you will see that the English language has morphed into its own ‘Google version’ …on probably every one of our competitors’ websites. As professional writers, we find this highly amusing but also extremely annoying. Why? Well, we feel that Google is pushing everyone to create the same content using the same words but yet ask us to write original and meaningful work. Now, ask yourself how any of us can stand out if we’re pushed into such a non-creative corner like that. But fear not, if you wish to use specific keywords and phrases on a particular webpage, you will probably see it across all industries… sentences that don’t quite make sense due to the odd keyword being thrown in mid-sentence! No doubt you will do it, too. Where is our language heading? Anyway, back to the job in hand…

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

As mentioned previously, you should avoid ‘keyword stuffing’ at all costs because Google’s system is now intelligent enough to know this, and you could be penalised. It’s not a wise idea unless having your website drop out of sight in search engine results is your goal.

Instead, we recommend dotting your keywords about, here and there, so they are displayed across paragraphs in a more natural form. You will find from trial and error how many is too much or too little. Experiment, it’s a great way to learn how to create a Wordress page for SEO Knutsford (we couldn’t resist!).

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Remember, if you try and skimp on your investment you will only get what you pay for (buy cheap, pay twice), and that’s why you should CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY; you will be in good hands for SEO Management.

Two sayings we love!

  • You are better than our last supplier!
  • We will recommend you to our friends and family

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