Changing Keywords Around for SEO Gains

Changing Keywords Around for SEO Gains


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How Moving One Word Can Help Your SEO Rankings


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  2. Where do I rank Knutsford

Two seemingly similar search phrases but two totally different search results shown on Google just by changing the position of one keyword: Knutsford. Is your SEO specialist doing all they can to optimise your website? Which is the more popular? Are you on the first page, second page or worse… lost in the ether?

The best solution would be to create a new page or blog post using the second search term throughout, leaving the first page alone. This is to ensure that you avoid trying to combine both search phrases on one page and risk having your webpage sound more like gobbledygook than well written English. We do it on our own website to prove a point how bad English can put off a potential client, whereas our client websites are exquisitely written using impeccable language.

We recommend you do the same.

For example, CreativeOpolis offers the following services for Knutsford businesses:

  • Web Design Knutsford
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media Management
  • Secured Hosting in Knutsford
  • Domain Name Registration

…and it’s crucial that your SEO team switches around a keyword here and there in your search phrases on other ¬†pages of your website so to protect an already successful website that’s sat on the first page of Google. How you rank will determine how you boost traffic and sales profits.

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