Are You Too Attached to Your Website Design?

Are You Too Attached to Your Website Design?


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Learn Why Sticking to Your Guns Doesn’t Always Work with Web Design


The warning signs are there and the figures don’t lie. Your Knutsford business bank account shows the slowing down of incoming sales transactions, statistics show that traffic to your website has fallen, your Google rankings have dropped from view and your competition is romping ahead. In this article, CreativeOpolis takes an honest and upfront look at why a website can start to fail and what a website design owner can do to kickstart a rebirth in sales before it’s too late.

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First and foremost, if you want to get to the top of Google then you MUST trust the people in the know. You trust the Knutsford plumber whom you’ve never met to come into the privacy and safety of your home to fix the boiler; you trust the Knutsford mechanic to tow away your broken down car as you look on in despair; you trust the Knutsford restaurant’s food that transfers from a fork into your mouth which has traveled across world continents to not hurt you etc. etc.

…And someone else you must start to trust is a Knutsford web designer who built their first website back in 1994. We understand there are countless people who ‘say’ that they can help in your hour of need, but here at CreativeOpolis, we have been in it from the inception of the Internet and know a thing or two about a thing or two. It’s not just our understanding of Google search engine results pages (SERPs) and how to get your website to rank better, but we also live and breathe Sales and Marketing; the key to larger profits.

Yes, there have been some horror stories concerning poor Knutsford website designers, and that can be said about every industry out there, but as the Internet gets older, so does the proof that there are some wise old owls who have done and seen it all and are thus able to help point a failing website into a new direction and into uncharted waters…

Take Our Advice

If you ask someone for their help but you don’t like their advice, by all means get a second opinion, but if they tell you that your website design requires a complete overhaul then you MUST listen to them. Could this be you..?

  • You have personally been tinkering with the layout
  • You have retyped the wording
  • You like to have complete control of your web design
  • You want to save money
  • You don’t trust anyone
  • You ‘think’ you know what you’re doing

We completely understand, you want to do it all yourself so to save time and money, but just because you know how to access the backend of your website and click a few edit buttons does NOT mean that you understand what needs to be done to get your website onto Google page 1. Similarly, we ALL know how to open a car bonnet and put water in the window washer bottle, but that doesn’t put us on par with a mechanic who has spent a lifetime taking apart engines and rebuilding them.

If you are someone who falls into the tinkering category… STOP what you are doing before you make it worse for yourself AND your bank account. Trying to save money can and will be detrimental to the growth of your business. Is that not the reason why you’re reading this article? You are looking for ways to help pull yourself out of a hole so that YOU can do it yourself. Well, you won’t be told. In fact, we’ve seen it all so often, a failed business owner ultimately goes around telling everyone that their business failed because their web designer was crap. Isn’t ego a bugger? They sacrificed the future of their business by not taking the correct advice and blamed the entire website design industry for their downfall, just to save face.

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Hire an SEO Specialist in Knutsford

The question now ultimately lies with you, will you follow suit and end up broken down in the cul-de-sac of dreams or will you give up the ghost and finally listen to sound advice from a sage Knutsford web designer? Are you going to walk away from a Knutsford mechanic because you don’t believe them or will you finally trust the SEO specialist? Is this also you..?

  • You love your colour scheme of your website
  • You are happy with the design

We all know what’s going to happen, you’re either going to let your car sit outside the house hoping that it will fix itself (but all that happens is a few spiders make a new home underneath the chassis), or you throw your hands in the air and get someone out to fix it, begrudgingly getting your wallet out (and within a few weeks, you’d forgotten how reliant yet silently thankful you are of the skillset of the Knutsford mechanic).

Lets just say this, web design in Knutsford has evolved. There is also to bare in mind the psychology of selling, and how Sales and Marketing meetings around the world discuss the attitude of the general public. What someone looks at with their eyes determines how they buy, and how they buy is all based upon one solitary thing: trust.

Why Good Website Design Works

If someone doesn’t like the look of your website they’re going to immediately bounce. But why do they leave so quickly and why don’t they buy from you? Why do people choose to spend money with a competitor AND keep returning? It’s the stuff of nightmares for you and a dream reality for your enemy AND their customer base! These are the key factors why your competitors are successful:

  • Stylish and modern website design
  • Well thought out colour scheme
  • Strong sales funnel
  • They solved a problem
  • Industry expectations
  • Past experiences
  • Strategically placed keywords and phrases
  • Regular website updates
  • New page additions
  • Regular and informative blog posts
  • Brand recognition
  • …plus other factors / skills used outside of the website (Social Media, Twitter etc.)

We mentioned spiders earlier (the ones underneath your car, remember?), well, the only spiders you need to concern yourself with are the ones operated by Google. They are the ones which periodically crawl all over your website taking notes about how your website designer in Knutsford has laid out your pages and strategically placed industry keywords and phrases in all the right areas.

How to Avoid Bad Website Design

PLEASE NOTE: How your website has been ‘optimised’ will ultimately determine where it will rank on Google.

If you are concerned that you’re not on page one of Google, then you’re in the right place. If you’re not enjoying the sales you want, we recommend that you sack your current web designer and seek help from CreativeOpolis today. And fast.

Our recommendation to you is this:

  • Let go of your attachment to your current website
  • Your website is a business tool
  • Don’t get personal
  • Let your website perform well
  • Don’t hold back its potential

…and let go of your current supplier ASAP!

As mentioned in other articles, similar to the Knutsford mechanic analogy we also like the sports team analogy: if a team isn’t doing well it’s always down to one of two things, poor players or a bad manager. In both cases, the competition is becoming increasingly stronger. So, the first obvious solution would be to either get rid of a player or change how they play, and the second solution would be to sack the manager and bring in someone new.

If we think of the above poor performing player as one of your webpages, we can either delete the page entirely or update it so that it does a better job (design, layout, colour scheme, appropriate images, keywords and phrases etc.), and the manager, well, that would be either the letting go of your current web designer or worse (better!)… You.

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Goodbye Ego, Hello Top of Google

If you want your website to succeed and you want more sales, then you MUST say goodbye to your ego or the closed-minded view you currently have that says you know how to do a better job than the highly skilled professionals. CreativeOpolis SEO Knutsford services is here to help you succeed just like you are there to help others find solutions to their problems, and just like your customers, sometimes they know they don’t have an issue but they employ an ongoing plan to fend off any future challenges; and that’s what your competitors are currently doing while you are holding yourself back, they are making sound investments.

Some people pay a monthly fee in case their boiler fails while others pay annually for roadside assistance in case their car breaks down, but none of these perform any scheduled maintenance or other much needed work throughout the year. CreativeOpolis, on the other hand, is more than just an insurance policy ‘in case’ something might happen, we work hard for our money by regularly performing the work required to keep a website increasing its traffic in an attempt to get onto the first page of Google AND staying there!

  • You don’t brush your teeth once and think that’s it
  • You don’t visit the gym once and think that’s it
  • And you certainly shouldn’t think that eating fruit just once will fend off problems of ill health
  • Daily

Some chores you have to do yourself, but the important, lifesaving jobs should always be done by professionals. Regularly. Time is a-ticking…

If you have been affected and scarred by our analogies and now wish to save yourself from waking up in the middle of the night, scared that your business is about to fail, please make contact below with our website design and SEO team to ensure a safe passage in the business world…