How Social Media Mistakes Kills Traffic

How Social Media Mistakes Kills Traffic


Social Media Should Boost Web Design Knutsford

Learn Why Social Media Mistakes Can Slow Website Traffic and Sales


Like us on Facebook – No, absolutely not!

Give us a thumbs up for our YouTube video – Umm, nope.

Please RT – That’s a big, fat no, too!

…but there’s one psychological trick that is top of the tree and makes us all do what we are told:

“Click here”

For others, it might be “shop now”, but these two commands have us under their spell. Just don’t try to tell us what to do any other time. In fact, the more you ask, the more determined we are to ignore your request. No, we won’t follow you! Go away, attention seekers!

There is absolutely no point in running a website in Knutsford if you are going to have your social media accounts almost force your potential customers to endlessly jump around. Get. Them. Onto. Your. Website. ASAP…

One Huge Social Media Mistake

Social media certainly has its flaws; actually, it’s the people who set things up which annoys and loses the user. Here’s the scenario:

  1. You are happily browsing on Twitter
  2. You click a link from a brand you’re happily following
  3. It takes you to their Instagram account
  4. You click another link which takes you out of Instagram
  5. You are now in YouTube
  6. You have forgotten how happy you were just browsing away in Twitter
  7. Aaaaargh!

Another unhelpful scenario, when using a tablet or smart phone, could be:

  1. You are happily browsing on Twitter
  2. You click a brand’s link which opens a browser within Twitter
  3. You decide to open the link in the real browser
  4. You have left Twitter
  5. Great for the brand; they want you there
  6. Perhaps not so great for you; you lose your place on Twitter

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All of the above will always be down to user choice regarding what they click on and interact with, but there comes a time when moving from one app or software program to another can start to fry the brain or simply annoy and confuse them.

Sure, it is the intention of a brand’s social media account to entice a visitor onto their website with the ultimate goal of creating a sale, but to jump from Twitter to Instagram to YouTube and THEN to finally their website may seem such a long way round. A shopper would certainly appreciate a shorter path to the shopping basket for it frees up their time and creates an extremely efficient shopping experience.

Creating a shorter route for someone to receive a confirmation email should be the single most important factor in online shopping where social media and the Sales Funnel is concerned.

  • Send them to Instagram? No, tweet the photo in Twitter
  • Send them to YouTube? No, tweet the video in Twitter
  • Send them to Facebook? No..!

…You already have their attention. Stop!

It makes absolutely no sense to make someone switch to another social media account just for the sake of it. With the exception of YouTube, they are all capable of showing images, videos, comments and likes / favourites in a Newsy-type wall.

The most successful social media accounts don’t ask a user to switch from one app to another; they simply show and tell. Sometimes they include a link through to their shopping area, and sometimes they don’t; they leave the ultimate power with the wallet owner, and if they DO part with their money it means that the social media Manager did a damn fine job.

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