Google Search to Dramatically Change One Direction?

Google Search to Dramatically Change One Direction?


How Being Found on Google May Change Forever

What to be Aware of as a Knutsford Business Owner


Currently, performing a Google search requires typing into one solitary text box, but is that all about to change? In recent months, there has been a massive growth spurt in Knutsford companies signing up to Google My Business (whereby they are required to confirm their physical address in Knutsford; Google mails out a postcard which includes a confirmation code). This then qualifies them to be included in search engine results pages (SERPs) for a LOCAL business list, including a map of Knutsford, all located at the top of Google. Healthy competition, all placed alongside one another. For example, it’s great opportunity for a local website designer in Knutsford to feature fairly, and without prejudice.

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What Google My Business Knutsford offers to anyone who allows Google Search access to their current location for the device they’re using (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) is direct search results to locally supplied Knutsford goods and services, and thus intelligently blocking out the companies trying to infiltrate into areas they’re not necessarily local to. This somewhat stops far away companies attempting to steal valuable sales away from the already locally-located Knutsford businesses. We say ‘somewhat’ because Google My Business currently offers companies not located in Knutsford to specify, in a list, which areas it operates in. It’s a double-edged sword that may one day have to change if Google offers a new way to search…

The introduction of a second feature adjacent to Google’s search text box would obviously be a drop-down list to allow the user to select a radius from their current location. It’s either that or a visible list of radio buttons offering the following choices:

google radius search drop down menu website design knutsford warrington northwich wilmslow macclesfield congleton holmes chapel altrincham lymm SEO

For example, if you are walking down Kings Street Knutsford and you are auto-sharing your geo location on your mobile phone, you should be able to use the above search option whereby all knutsford businesses with a physical address registered with Google My Business will show up in the search results, if they’re within the mile radius selected.

If you have ever performed a search on Google and then being provided with search engine results that is dominated by out-of-towners, you will know how frustrating it is to find a local Knutsford business solution. Having to sift through each of the results to find out that they’re not even within a five mile radius of Knutsford is not only annoying but also disconcerting. Knutsford residents want local information, not infiltrators from farther afield; they waste peoples’ time! If they want it, they will search using a wider radius. Simple AND affective!

  • Why buy bread from Warrington if we already have local bakers in Knutsford?
  • Why have a website built in Northwich if CreativeOpolis is actually based here in Knutsford?
  • Why buy wine from Wilmslow if it’s readily available in Knutsford?
  • Why buy ANYTHING from outside if Knutsford businesses already offer what you need?
  • The list is endless… so support local Knutsford business, and likewise in Alderley Edge, Macclesfield, Congleton etc.

…support your local economies and jobs while at the same time reducing vehicles on the road and thus the amount of fuel we all collectively use. For every car going North there is another going South; both delivering the same items. Aaaaargh! Why?! Are we that daft as humans? ?

SEO for Knutsford Business Owners

For many years, Google has been allowing companies located farther afield to frequently take over countless results pages if they strategically included ‘Knutsford’ on their webpages, but the world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) may change if a new Google radius search is implemented. Companies not located in Knutsford will find it much harder to compete against the goods and services already being provided by the locally based businesses, and thus safeguarding the Knutsford micro-economy. Could this wreak havoc within the SEO Specialist community or create new sales opportunities?

We seem to think that this will also affect the paid advertising at the top of Google but, as PPC (pay per click) is how Google makes its money, this may not happen, which means that companies located outside of Knutsford will still have an opportunity to dominate the top of Google, but not in the organic search results directly below; again, still taking presidence over local businesses but lacking in respect because people will know what they’re trying to do; hoodwink the local residents and businesses of Knutsford. The cost per click for paid advertising may offer Google the opportunity to raise prices or offer a new gameplan for the PPC industry, which means there’s an incentive for Google to roll out a radius search option.

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The algorithms that Google currently uses enforces strict parameters for how a website qualifies for the top of their search results, and they have been doing this with regular updates throughout the years so to offer the user the opportunity to find better, relevant and more qualified content. Google’s clever mathematical calculations rank a website according to how a webpage has been ‘optimised’ to meet its stringent parameters, and that could range between the top of Google to being disqualified from view. Being an SEO Specialist sometimes involves taking calculated risks in pushing the boundaries of Google’s algorithms, and such gambles either pay off well or, to the annoyance of their client, is penalised. Currently, this is how a website designer is able to infiltrate the local Knutsford economy by overusing keywords and phrases, such as:

  • Website design Knutsford
  • Web design Knutsford
  • Website designer Knutsford
  • Web design Knutsford
  • …and similar variations of

This means that by adding various keywords and phrases onto their website, a website design company located in Warrington or a web designer based in Northwich can currently infiltrate local Knutsford businesses. The Google radius search will immediately put an end to that. Conversely, this also means that a website designer in Knutsford won’t show up in Google search results for:

  • Website design Warrington
  • SEO Northwich
  • Website designer Northwich
  • SEO website optimisation Warrington
  • …and similar variations of, such as, Wilmslow, Macclesfield etc.

However, a wider net for the county of Cheshire will still probably include anyone using the keyword phrases:

  • Website design Cheshire
  • Web design Cheshire
  • SEO Cheshire
  • Website optimisation Cheshire
  • …etc. etc.

knutsford website design knutsford SEO hosting Cheshire domain names Social Media warrington northwich congleton altrincham lymm wilmslow macclesfield

Initially, what the Google radius search probably won’t be able to police is a website designer in Knutsford building a second website using the keyword phrases ‘website design Northwich’ or ‘website design Wilmslow’, and then registering for Google My Business using a third party address, such as, the home address of relatives, friends, employees or, even more sneakily, a mailbox company.

Positive Environmental Impact for Knutsford and the Rest of the World

So, let’s wait and see, but a Google radius search being implemented onto their homepage could change and protect local business growth but also have A MASSIVE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT, and that is something that not only every Knutsford business may wish to see but everyone around the world, too. Also, competition is always healthy, but nobody likes businesses who try to infiltrate other areas by hoodwinking local residents.

If you would like help in getting found on Google in the Knutsford area, please don’t hesitate to contact our SEO team by sending us an email today…