Why we do SEO work for our Competition

Why we do SEO work for our Competition


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Why it’s Advantageous to Work with your Competitors’ SEO Specialists


It’s no secret, but when we get a phone call from one of our competitors (actually, it’s a large number of them), we can only oblige by taking on the jobs that they aren’t capable of doing themselves. Knutsford SEO services by CreativeOpolis is THAT VALUED, that the competition comes calling asking for our help; locally in Knutsford, nationally across the UK and globally. Yup! Website design at its finest in Knutsford, propping up the competition with our SEO specialists.

So, when you are speaking to a website company located in Knutsford or beyond (shall we say, Warrington, Northwich and Wilmslow etc.), it could be that it’s the CreativeOpolis SEO team that’s doing the work. It’s us that is putting your website at the top of Google front page one, it’s us who is making the necessary changes to your website design, and it’s also CreativeOpolis who is …well …making you look good by increasing your ranking, traffic and sales targets. Knutsford business at its finest!

But, have you ever thought how much you are being charged when all they are really doing for you is fielding a few phone calls and emails? Of course we are very thankful for the business, but we just want you to know that it’s a little unfair that you are having to eat the charges for two SEO companies… although, cough cough, one of them, cough cough …isn’t really an SEO specialist after all, is it?

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So, we have a suggestion to make; if ever you need to update your website, especially for search engine optimisation and climbing to the top of Google first page 1, perhaps you should bypass the competition and come straight to the source so we can work to increase website visitors for you.

Optimise Your Website Design

To have your website design ‘optimised’ and ready to be indexed by the Google spiders is a very important procedure and is integral to being a success in the search engine results pages (SERPs). This means that the CreativeOpolis SEO team, located in Knutsford, will ensure the correct keywords and phrases will be strategically placed throughout the page/s. We will also optimise your website for real people, too. That’s where many of our competitors make a mistake; they mess up the text / wording / copy so much that sometimes it’s barley legible. It makes a Knutsford business owner (the client) look stupid …and it’s embarrassing.

By contacting CreativeOpolis directly will save yourself not only money, but TIME. Why wait for a response from a response when you can get the information you require much sooner? Also, we will be in regular contact with you to let you know how a page is performing and to answer any questions about the SEO project. Keeping you informed is important because it will keep us on track and help us do our job… to get your website indexed and onto the front page of Google.

Why not contact us today so we can start work on your SEO goals?