Are Backlinks Worth It?

Are Backlinks Worth It?


Website Design in Knutsford & Backlinks

Learn Why you Can Waste Your Money with Bad SEO


One thing is for sure, the search engine optimisation (SEO) community is making a big thing about backlinks. But what ARE backlinks and why are so many people in Knutsford saying that they’re important to your website design? Firstly, though, the cost for an SEO specialist has risen in recent years due to the over-selling of the idea that inbound links from other websites back to your website proves to Google that you’re popular but, for the majority of SMEs (small- and medium-sized enterprises with 250 employees or less), they couldn’t care less and have better things to concentrate on. And quite rightly so, too! The backlinks system isn’t for every website designed in Knutsford, and here’s why…

If you are starting a business in Knutsford, the last thing that you’re going to want to spend your limited startup funding on is an SEO specialist who insists that they create backlinks for your new website. One, because you’re website is going to be brand spanking new, which means that people will see through you as trying to be an authority so soon (you’re already faking it in business!), and two, your money is going to be better spent elsewhere.

Of course backlinks work, please don’t misunderstand this article, we are merely trying to point out that for a small, self-employed person or a local company with limited cashflow, backlinking isn’t something you’re going to want to spend your money on. A local tradesman or small business is only going to be marketing themselves within a few miles radius from their HQ, which means that getting to the top of Google, or at least onto the first page of Google, won’t be too difficult. No large amount of backlinks to your website is going to help. In fact, the only guarantee here is the pouring of your money down the drain.

SEO is all About Content

If you have something important and interesting to say regarding your industry and you think that you can make an impact on a very large scale, then by all means take time out of your daily schedule to sit at your computer and get cracking. Type all that you know to your heart’s content, but you will have to stay committed once you have started because, if you are able to build a good following but you slow down your writing and disappear, then that will eventually have a negative effect on how you build traffic to your website. If you stop writing articles, expect life to change. Again, if you enjoy writing then perhaps backlinks are for you because other people will recognise your intelligence and thus put links on their website for you. But umm, if nobody does offer a backlink after you have spent months creating content, then we suggest to look for a better angle or stick with what you know best, the skills as to why you became self-employed to begin with.

If you have a shop in Knutsford and it’s clear that your skills are hands-on in retail, perhaps re-focusing your energy to grow your business would be better than the aforementioned failing blogs with no backlinks. At the end of the day, it’s all about priorities, and if you divert your attention away from your primary skill, you had better make sure you either put a massive amount of hours in or you have a backup plan if things start to fail. Backlinks, so early on, won’t work for an SME.

The best thing about the above content that you failed to create backlinks for is the brilliant opportunity to optimise those pages for local Google search results. Don’t delete your content because backlinks failed to materialise, get an SEO specialist to optimise those pages AND put links on Social Media, although, you should be using Social Media anyway.

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Is Your Knutsford SEO Specialist Ready?

Trying to get a backlink to your website isn’t entirely impossible but it is one of the most demanding yet demeaning jobs, and we say demeaning due to the fact that it seems like you will almost be begging another website for them to put a link on their page for you.. for free.. and then, in the not so distant future, after all hard work, you delete your page or change its URL (the web address for that page); meaning the visitor will get the ever so helpful 404 error page. Chances are you may remember to create a 301 redirect, but that’s beside the point. Your SEO specialist will work hard to create backlinks that will soon become irrelevant or expire. And what’s more, it’s extremely doubtful that anyone is REALLY going to click on the link back to your page, and if they do.. YOU HAD BETTER GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER. Why? Well, you attracted attention to yourself, that’s what you wanted, so now it’s time to get them into your sales funnel. Does your website even have a sales funnel? We cover this rather important topic in another post (link coming soon) (God forbid we haven’t deleted the page or changed its URL!) ?

And if someone does click on a link back to your page, how much did it cost you to create that backlink with an SEO specialist? Our thinking here is that your money should have been put to better use elsewhere with a higher chance of creating better sales opportunities. CreativeOpolis understands the Sales and Marketing aspect of boosting a company’s profits because, without this, a company will not grow, or at least, not reach its targets.

Backlinks, SEO & Clickbait Websites

Backlinks do work, though, depend on what your website is all about. If you are a blogger and your website is loaded with adverts (meaning that if someone clicks on an advert and you get paid), then yes, having as many links of whatever kind will no doubt help traffic to your website in Knutsford and beyond (Warrington, Northwich, Wilmslow etc.). But those kind of websites are called clickbait, and we see them far too often every day. There’s no real use to a clickbait website except to entice someone to visit their website with the ultimate hope that they will click on one of the strategically placed adverts, through to another website, and the more people who click on those adverts, the more the clickbait website will get paid. Unfortunately.

However, if you are interested in creating some backlinks of your own instead of an SEO specialist getting paid for it, perform a Google search for forums that are related to the industry you’re involved in. Some examples would be:

We advise you to spend more time getting involved with industry forums because you will be able to interact with other likeminded individuals from within your own field of expertise, but really and truthfully, it will give you various opportunities of posting multiple messages on these forum websites which YOU WILL INCLUDE… wait for it… your website address. Yes, a link back to your website; welcome to the world of backlinks.

Other than backlinks, THE best solution in climbing to the top of Google is the following (and CreativeOpolis can do all of these for you):

  1. Have your website optimised in Knutsford, regularly
  2. Compose interesting blogs about your skills, industry and products & services
  3. Be active on Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.)
  4. If you haven’t already, create a Google My Business profile

If you are interested in getting onto Google page 1, then we urge you to contact CreativeOpolis and schedule a meeting with an SEO specialist; we don’t do backlinks so won’t be wasting both your time and money. We like to see our clients invest their money in the right areas.

Why not get in touch with CreativeOpolis today, and let’s discuss your own website goals? We hope to speak with you soon! ?